Enjoy the Silence

So after much stressing my final folio for comm design has been completed and handed in! I spent a lot of time this morning in bed enjoying the silence. It was a tough one, although I’m not entirely sure why? After everything was completed and laid out for checking I thought to myself “Seriously, is that all??”  But I was pleased with the way everything turned out. So I thought I would post a brief up each day for the next couple of days. Starting with my elective Typography, we had to redesign a piece of text. So while my class mates chose magazine articles and blog posts I decided I would over complicate it for myself gah! I decided to redesign Alice in Wonderland as well as bind the book myself, so the front cover was made by myself in my kitchen using some magic …. and by magic I mean a UHU gluestick ….

The traditional Alice in wonderland text by Lewis Carroll was given new life in the 21st century where social media such as twitter and instagram have become the main focus for younger generations. This publication aims to combine the new media with the old in a quirky manor to express the story and get some interest from the generations that read more on facebook than in a real book.